Pinterest and Instagram have proven to be the better money-makers. And when it comes to this business we’re in, this jewelry business of ours, the right picture of the right jewelry can inspire a thousand women to wage war against their fiduciary obligation to their savings account.

Rather than invest money in participating in a press preview day, invest time in pursuing as many desk- side appointments as you can each month. Or better yet, use that money to invite editors to drinks or dinner, where you can really bond one-on-one.

Every single person that walks through your door must be treated as royalty. Because how they’re treated determines the story told about your store. And it’s those stories that build a brand.

The very essence of creating an experiential site is to evoke emotion from visitors. Emotions are the quintessence of luxury.

Just like you’re setting up retail appointments, you must also set up press appointments. It’s best for everyone around as attending press understand you’re there to sell.

Communicating with editors isn’t that much different from communicating with a prospective customer. You need to give editors a reason to “buy” your jewelry. Their currency is free editorial coverage for you.

Editors have seen it all. What makes you so special? Why do you deserve to have for free the coveted editorial space for which others are paying $200,000 and more?

A good photographer’s picture will be of a beautiful ring. A great photographer’s picture sends you dashing to your nearest jeweler to demand that ring be put on your finger this instant.

PR is about storytelling and no PR professional worth their retainer would engage you without first understanding your story. Ultimately, PRs are salespeople: we’re selling your story to our customers — the publications.

Contact the senior marketing executive at your desired company (typically the CMO) and inquire if they have an in-house licensing group or agency, such as Iconix or Beanstalk. Present the group or agency with a nondisclosure agreement and follow with a licensing plan — a financial projection document outlining the net, wholesale and retail price with forecasted volume and reorders. This licensing plan must be formulated within each licensing sector you’re approaching.