The pursuit of luxury is a passionate endeavor.  

Emotions override all logical sense when a customer evaluates a Timex against a Patek Phillipe. Both tell time, but the Patek also makes the customer feel something very intimate, very personal. Brands understanding how emotions influence the pursuit make storytelling a priority in their communications strategy.

Absent the ability to elicit an emotional response for your products, why should a consumer spend more for something that can be had for quite less?

Luxury products have long existed in the realm of exclusivity, yet smart brands who wish to spark the loyalty of their customers know how to encourage a sense of inclusivity – possible only, of course, with a purchase. That purchase gives the customer access to a world of glamour and prestige, where they feel a certain sense of arrival with the possession of a designer handbag or luxury timepiece.

Luxury, like emotions, is an illusion. While there are hard costs for materials and manufacturing, the true value of a luxury item is whatever a customer determines it to be. Smart luxury brands know the formula customers use to make that determination. 

For two decades, The Lilian Raji Agency has worked with luxury brands in understanding the passionate pursuit of luxury and how they can take advantage of it to not only secure new customers driven by emotion but also inspire loyalty from existing customers who have everything and can afford anything.

Our expertise lies in helping brands become a destination for the luxury customer’s pursuit.

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We hired Lilian Raji when one aspect of our sponsorship of UNICEF’s Designs of Hope was falling short of projection – our raffle ticket sales.  With only six weeks before deadline, Lilian executed an aggressive, strategic marketing plan that catapulted raffle ticket sales from just under $1,000 to over $12,000.  Her creativity and innate understanding of marketing challenges helped us succeed in an area we’re we had almost given up hope.

I met Lilian Raji at a conference where she was being honored as International Emerging Leader of the Year, and subsequently hired her to manage media relations and launch for our new store opening in Atlanta. From beginning to end, Lilian and her team ensured everything was done correctly – from coming in under budget for the launch coordination, to ensuring premium media presence, to voluntarily preparing an ROI statement that validated our decision to hire her company.

Lilian’s expertise and extensive knowledge of PR and marketing was invaluable in helping us determine how to proceed when Tournaire first entered the U.S.  She openly shares her vast network of relationships to help us advance our business, connecting us with the right people at the right time. She’s very passionate, results-driven, and unafraid to tell you if she feels there’s a better, more cost effective way to do things. Her strict attention to detail and determination to get things done right the first time are strong assets that  helped us see a substantial return on investment in our work together. Having worked with her several times over the years, Lilian and her team have consistently done an exceptional job with us and the other companies we’ve referred to her. 

The Lilian Raji Agency has proven to be a great asset in our US marketing strategy.  Within a very short timeline, The Lilian Raji Agency pulled together a media dinner during New York City Fashion Week attended by editors of Esquire, Worth, GQ, Forbes, International Herald Tribune, Elite Traveler, Robb Report and several others. The Agency was then able to coordinate a reciprocal event the same week in Los Angeles that culminated in our presence at the Emmy Awards.  Lilian proved to be entirely vested in our success, and her team worked as if ST Dupont was their own company.

When we decided to make an entrance into the US market, The Lilian Raji Agency was recommended to us first by the French Trade Commission.  Lilian and her team were invaluable in helping us understand the US customer while advising us on the best tactics to make our presence known.  With Lilian’s help, we were named a finalist in National Jeweler’s Colored Stones Award while also being a contender for Best New Jewelry during the Couture Show.  We’ve been featured in publications  from Robb Report to  The New York Times, and have  valued our relationship with The Lilian Raji Agency.

Your Journey. Our GPS.

If a $10,000+ per month retainer is beyond your budget, and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves to achieve success on your own terms, visit our sister site, The PR Advisor. Created for small to mid-size business owners, The PR Advisor is designed for you to achieve the Midas Touch without a golden price tag. 


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