Transitioning Govberg, the Century-Old Luxury Watch Retailer, into Watchbox, a Global Digital Platform

Govberg Jewelers

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Danny Govberg, president and CEO of Govberg Jewelers, the 100+ year old largest independently owned retailer of luxury watches came to us initially to help get publicity around the launch of their new mobile watch app. Journalists no longer get excited about mobile apps unless the app is doing something original and incredibly beneficial for a vast amount of people. This became our first challenge.

Our second challenge was that Govberg expressly forbade us to contact watch-industry press as they already had existing relationships with most of the people in our watch industry contact list. They wanted mainstream press – the specific type of press that wouldn’t care about the launch of a mobile app.

We see every challenge as an opportunity, and as is one of our values, when a client puts their faith in us, we refuse to let them down. Here’s how we did it:

We subjected Danny Govberg and his team to our initiatory process, spending hours questioning him and his staff about the company history. We then went deeper into Danny Govberg the man and discovered we were sitting before a visionary. And like all visionaries before him, he was greatly underestimated. He was always proposing ideas and concepts that seemed unlikely five years before trends confirmed their viability.

Danny the Visionary became our gateway into mainstream press, where he was able to speak about the mobile app during his interviews.

As we were building up Danny Govberg in the news, our scope was expanded into managing the launch of WatchBox, a new joint venture between Danny and a couple of Hong Kong-based billionaires. The tech-driven WatchBox was backed by $100 million investment capital from a Singapore-based investment group.

While Govberg, the century old luxury watch retailer would still exist, WatchBox was the future. Our mandate now became transitioning the buzz about Govberg into excitement about WatchBox. We’ll let our results tell the rest.