While our services are exclusive to within the United States, our clients are not.

We have established relationships with the French Embassy Trade Commission, Quebec Government Delegation, Swiss Trade and Investment, Italian Trade Commission and U.K. Trade and Investment, who turn to us when their countrymen need to understand marketing to U.S. customers.

We’ve consulted for companies based in Quebec, Brazil, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Poland, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Lebanon, Russia, China and Japan. And we’ve served as U.S. based marketing divisions for several of these companies.

We’re happy to do the same for you.

For a comprehensive, virtual communications department that operates for you abroad, consider retaining the full scope of the Agency to manage your marketing strategy within the U.S.

If you already have a team in place, but just need to know how to get started in reaching U.S. customers, take a look at Excelsior Abridged, Path I.  This is strictly our consulting services that will help you navigate the nuances of dealing with the geographical inconsistencies of taste and preferences that’s common with U.S. customers. 

Learn more about Excelsior Abridged. 

Let’s discuss what’s right for you.

Our Capabilities Include

Brand Strategy and Storytelling
• Award Entries
• Brand Positioning
• Marketing Collateral
• Speaking Opportunities
• Website Design
And more

Media Relations
• Blogger Outreach
• Editor Events
• Feature Story Placement
• Media Pitching
• Product Launches
And more

Social Media Marketing with Content Marketing
• Asset Creation
• Content Calendars
• Ongoing Social Postings
• Social Brand Campaigns
• Social Selling
And more

Event Marketing
• Event Ideation
• Event Management
• Guest List Development
• Preproduction Logistical Planning
• Publicity Support
And more

Influencer Marketing
• Campaign Management
• Deal Structure and Preparation
• Influencer Outreach
• Influencer Profiling and Vetting
• Influencer Seeding
And more

Product Placement
• Opportunity Identification
• Product Presentation
• Publicity Support
• Relationship Management
• Term Negotiation
And more

Strategic Partnerships
• Candidate Identification
• Candidate Outreach
• Deal Structure and Preparation
• Industry Research and Analysis
• Negotiation Assistance
And more