Media Relationships

Oprah Winfrey can make an unknown brand a household name because she’s spent years  cultivating a trusted adviser relationship with her vast audience. All media people seek to do exactly this – make their website, publication, program, column or blog a trusted source of information for their audience. When they tell a story supporting a company, they do so because they’re convinced that company will deliver to their audience as promised.

Unlike some practices common outside the U.S., a positive story by reputable media people can’t be bought – not even if you advertise. And while seeing advertising for a new product makes customers aware of its existence, learning more about the product through articles written by a trusted journalist motivates a customer to buy.

How We Get You Press Coverage

Just as journalists have spent years cultivating trusted relationships with their audience, we’ve spent years creating personal relationships with those same journalists. We tap these relationships when you have a story to tell.

Where we don’t have an existing relationship, we refer back to our conversations with you at the beginning of our engagement. We often find hidden gems we can use to build a new relationship.

We schedule one-on-one meetings with journalists to educate them about you, sometimes in their office, sometimes over lunch and sometimes at important trade shows. We coordinate exclusive press events, where select journalists are completely immersed in your brand story. When the timing is right, we persuade them to share your story with their audience.

Let’s talk about what we can do for you.

Our capabilities include:

  • Blogger Outreach
  • Blogger Reviews
  • Commentary Writing
  • Company Media Kit
  • Editor Deliveries
  • Editor Events

  • Editorial Calendar Research
  • Expert Tip Sheets
  • Feature Story Placement
  • Interview Coordination
  • Leadership Announcements
  • Media Advisory

  • Media Monitoring
  • Media Pitching
  • Media Training
  • Newsroom Management
  • Podcast Media Tours
  • Press Conferences 

  • Press Kit Development
  • Press Release
  • Press Tours
  • Product Launches
  • Product Seeding
  • Publicity Events

  • Radio Media Tours
  • Satellite Media Tours
  • Story Development
  • Thought Leadership Positioning
  • Trade Show PR Support
  • Wire Distribution

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