We ask a lot of questions.

You’ll discover a lot of our initial conversations will be us listening to you. We’ll ask you questions you’ve never been asked before, then follow up with more questions. You’ll eventually start wondering why we’re barely speaking and not offering any solutions. At that point, we’ll begin another line of questioning.

You may become frustrated with us. But eventually, or perhaps immediately, you’ll come to understand the point.

As we’ve grown over the past two decades, tackling the challenges of global companies such as WatchBox as well as one-person operations such as Claudio Pino, we’ve come to formalize our process into four distinct attributes:

First, we would Listen.
Then Create. And listen some more.
Then Service. And listen some more.
Then Accomplish.

We go deep.

We can’t help you without knowing who you are. And as much as your past experience with other agencies may have been an immediate launch into a proposal of services, we take our time getting to know you. There are things you’ll tell us that you’ll initially think irrelevant until we show you how that information can play an important role in your overall strategy.

Once we’ve confident in the information you’ve shared, we’ll then custom design a strategy to deliver all that you want and more.

We believe in measurement.

Our outlined proposal will conclude with success metrics measured by key performance indicators (KPIs) that include any of the following based on determined strategy:
• Call to action metrics
• Google Analytics
• Share of voice metrics
• Lead targeting metrics
• Ad value equivalency

We believe in being present.

You’ll soon discover that we take the position of being your trusted advisor very seriously. From Day One, our presence will be known to you and whomever else on your team is responsible for strategic communications and marketing.

As she’s done for every other client, Lilian Raji will spend the first few days of our relationship in your office, listening, learning and understanding your business model. She then shares this information with The Lilian Raji Agency team to begin planning how we’re going to get you from where you are when you first became an agency client to where you want to go.

But our presence doesn’t stop there.

As a self-professed Type A perfectionist who believes naming the company after herself means holding herself accountable for our clients’ success, Lilian will be in your office regularly, sometimes monthly. She will continue getting to know your business, and subsequently, aligning the work we do for you to your company’s core values.

It doesn’t matter if your office is just down the street, or on Boulevard Du Montparnasse in Paris, we will always be present to deliver personalized service specific to your unique needs.

It’s the only way we believe in doing business.

Our Capabilities

Brand Strategy and Storytelling
• Award Entries
• Brand Positioning
• Marketing Collateral
• Speaking Opportunities
• Website Design
And more

Media Relations
• Blogger Outreach
• Editor Events
• Feature Story Placement
• Media Pitching
• Product Launches
And more

Social Media Marketing with Content Marketing
• Asset Creation
• Content Calendars
• Ongoing Social Postings
• Social Brand Campaigns
• Social Selling
And more

Event Marketing
• Event Ideation
• Event Management
• Guest List Development
• Preproduction Logistical Planning
• Publicity Support
And more

Influencer Marketing
• Campaign Management
• Deal Structure and Preparation
• Influencer Outreach
• Influencer Profiling and Vetting
• Influencer Seeding
And more

Product Placement
• Opportunity Identification
• Product Presentation
• Publicity Support
• Relationship Management
• Term Negotiation
And more

Strategic Partnerships
• Candidate Identification
• Candidate Outreach
• Deal Structure and Preparation
• Industry Research and Analysis
• Negotiation Assistance
And more

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