Creating Extraordinary Events

We have a friend who only drinks Spanish red wines. She can, however, be persuaded into a scotch, provided it’s from one brand. The scotch  must be no younger than 21 years. Very specific, yes?

Years ago, our friend was invited by this scotch brand to an exclusive dinner and tasting. She was completely immersed in a luxury brand experience while being taught subtle nuances in the brand’s varied years. While there are a handful of scotches that are suitable alternatives, our friend will argue against them simply because her primary brand made a lasting impression.

What’s our point?

Put together an extraordinary event. Immerse your customers in your brand story so they walk away from the event knowing it by heart. Watch your brand advocates and loyalty grow.

We love putting together events such as this. Everyone leaves, happily tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, blogging away what a fantastic experience they just had with your company.

We can work from beginning to end – identifying and securing location sites and identifying contractors and vendors to aid with production.  We’ll also create and manage the guest lists, design a unique publicity campaign to support promotions of the event, and identify sponsors to help offset expenses.

Or we can work in partnership with your trusted event coordinator, providing publicity support to ensure maximum press coverage.

And when investing in a grand event is more than what you’d like to do, we can also identify upcoming opportunities that fit your identity and negotiate favorable terms for your involvement. We ensure your company receives prominent recognition in the sponsorship, while making certain all aspects of the final negotiated terms and conditions are upheld.

Our capabilities include:

  • Event Ideation
  • Event Materials Development
  • Event Planning
  • Event Setup
  • Exhibitions and Installations

  • Guest List Development
  • Invitation Design and Distribution
  • Launch Parties
  • Local and Regional Sampling Events
  • Media Tastings

  • Onsite Coordination
  • Photography Management
  • Product Launches
  • Pre-production Logistical Planning
  • Publicity Support

  • Red Carpet Management
  • RSVP Management
  • Social Media Support
  • Sponsorship Procurement
  • VIP Preview Parties