The Pursuit of Luxury is a Passionate Endeavor.

Selling luxury is an art.

Its canvas is painted with a clear and distinctive story of your history, your culture, your values and traditions. Your quality and craftsmanship are unmistakable.

This canvas is your calling card. It’s the image that appears every time your name is mentioned.

Only when you’ve become immediately identified by this canvas do you reach a status where price is no longer a consideration.

Selling luxury is an emotional pursuit.

Understanding this is how you promote a luxury brand.

We at The Lilian Raji Agency learned many years ago that selling luxury is far different than selling all other kinds.

While many will speak of exclusivity and high prices to justify a luxury brand, we understand what actually sells a luxury product is the emotional connection the customer has with the brand. 



We offer you proven strategies to capture the wallet of the luxury customer.

The Lilian Raji Agency originated behind the counters of the world’s largest luxury watch retailer. As one of the leading salespeople at Tourneau watch store, Lilian Raji honed her understanding of what motivates luxury customers to buy as she repeatedly sold $10,000 and $20,000 luxury watches to loyal clients.

This is what separates our agency from all others professing to know how to promote luxury brands. Our agency president founded the company by first selling luxury products directly to luxury customers, making note of what influenced their decisions to buy. She then took this accumulated knowledge to form The Lilian Raji Agency.


For the most part, we prefer working with luxury companies. Our definition of luxury is not exclusive to price point, although we’ve worked with a fair number companies traditionally considered luxury.

We like companies that produce impeccably made products, with close attention to detail and craftsmanship, and companies where exceptional service to every single customer is the standard.

We want to know we’re telling the truth when we tell press, influencers and potential customers your products will last a lifetime; or when we tell the same group of people that their experience with your company will be so extraordinary, they will be convinced your team mistook them for royalty.

This is the very minimum we require of the companies with which we work.

If you agree our minimum is the only way to do business, then let’s discuss how our deep understanding of the art of selling luxury will benefit your company.

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