You’re looking for engagement. This is the single most important thing that gives a blogger value – not the number of followers they have.

Engagement means people are responding to their posts. Are there conversations being had on their social profiles? If you see an Instagram account with 1.2 million followers, hundreds of likes, but no comments, you’re likely dealing with a faker. Save yourself time and move on.

Federal registration of the trademark with the U.S. Trademark Office does provide you with a number of additional benefits, including nationwide exclusivity, increased powers to enforce your trademark rights and eligibility to receive higher damage awards from the infringer with a successful trademark infringement lawsuit.

Every brand features the story of the designer or designers, but very few have a personal story about each piece. Since you only create one-of-a-kind jewelry, your story will be more intimately felt by that jewel’s destined owner.

Without your clients and customers, your anniversary would never have been possible. Include them in your planning beyond just inviting them to an event.

To attract retailers to your brand, focus on attracting their target customers. The person taking your products home is more powerful than the store buyer.