Without your clients and customers, your anniversary would never have been possible. Include them in your planning beyond just inviting them to an event.

Dear Lilian,

2020 marks our 100th year in business. What should we do to celebrate it?

Eisabetta Molina

Hello Elisabetta and my beloved readers!

First, my apologies for missing Las Vegas Jewelry Week! I missed spending time with all of you, but the PR Advisor was needed in Montreal to assist a fabulous Quebecois husband and wife jewelry duo in charting a new course for their business.

In our two intensive days together, I made them laugh, I made them cry, I made them dig deep into their souls to get to the very truth of their business. They emerged from their two days with me battered, bruised, but reborn with a new strategy and a clear direction. I can’t call victory until our work together takes hold and they’re raking in the dollars. I’m by their side until this happens.

If your business could use the same two-day intensive session, don’t hesitate to contact me. My passport is my most prized non-jewelry possession, so anywhere you may be in the world, I’m here for you.

This is why I missed you all during Las Vegas. I hope all of you are raking in the dollars from the shows!

Now to you, Elisabetta, and the many options you have for celebrating this momentous occasion.

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