To attract more retailers to your brand, focus on impressing their customers.

Dear Lilian,

We’ve been sending emails to our retail customers showcasing our press coverage, but only about 25% are ever opened and even less are clicked through. What are we doing wrong?


Why Am I Being Ignored?

Well, hello again readers! I hope you’ve all been able to keep cool this summer! I’ve spent most of it working with clients in Montreal and have fortunately missed the worst of this steaming weather. Enjoy the last of the sunrays now as holiday season is around the corner, and a broken air conditioner will be a more welcomed problem than UPS and FedEx’s eventual holiday delivery delays!

Now, dear readers, please, have a seat. I’m about to say something shocking and I don’t want you to bump your head should you swoon.

Are you ready?

Dear Ms. Ignored, your retail customers don’t matter.

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