Engagement is the single most important thing that gives a blogger value – not the number of followers they have.

Dear Lilian,

What do you think of bloggers? Do you think they’re here to stay or will they go away?

Marina Paes de Barros

Dear Marina and my lovely readers,

Fair warning, I’m going to be incredibly honest as I wouldn’t be a good adviser otherwise. Tissues and kisses for anyone’s hurt feelings.

That caveat aside, let me first say there are some very good bloggers out there. They started blogging when I was still struggling with a former assistant’s insistence of texting me after I specifically told her email only. She’s no longer my assistant, but I’ve since embraced texting just as many PR professionals have embraced bloggers.

This column is not about the hardworking bloggers who’ve exchanged blood, sweat and tears for their success.

It’s about the bloggers who email me, declaring their 300,000 Twitter followers entitles them to receive free products.

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