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Creating an Influencer Part II

Above everything else, it takes time to grow a significant following. Be neither impatient nor ashamed at the slow growth.

Instead, be ecstatic about every single follower Anastasia earns. Those followers are there because they want to know what Anastasia will post next.

That kind of desire is what carries you from the doorstep of authenticity to the bright lights of influence.

Build Customer Loyalty

As you’re considering how you’re going to sell your next big-ticket item, you must begin at the soul of the customer. For some, this may seem like Marketing 101, but you’d be surprised at how many brands seem to forget this.


How to Find the Right Influencers for Your Brand

If you take nothing else from this article, please remember you ALWAYS have other options.  What one influencer won’t do, another will.  And there are currently too many influencers to go around.It’s your company, your brand, your investment.  Only work with those who immediately understand this will be a partnership, where both sides are gaining something from working together.


How Do I Find the Right Influencer?

There are a million websites that promise to help you find influencers, but they don’t come cheap. And I’ve yet to find one that does an exceptional job in keeping you from becoming victim to influencer fraud.


Which Social Media is Best for Business

Pinterest and Instagram have proven to be the better money-makers. And when it comes to this business we’re in, this jewelry business of ours, the right picture of the right jewelry can inspire a thousand women to wage war against their fiduciary obligation to their savings account.


What Makes a Luxury Brand?

Ultimately, luxury can be defined by how a product makes a person feel. They’ve splurged a bit to buy something they’ve always wanted, and they feel very good about the purchase. They know the item is made of the finest quality. But if something goes wrong, if there’s an unfortunate defect, they also know the brand will stand by its product and make things right.