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Invitations to Be Better

Irritations are invitations to evolve in ways we would never have conceived if not out of necessity. They create problems for us that require a surrender of our comfort zones if we ever want to find true comfort again.

Build Customer Loyalty

As you’re considering how you’re going to sell your next big-ticket item, you must begin at the soul of the customer. For some, this may seem like Marketing 101, but you’d be surprised at how many brands seem to forget this.


What Makes a Luxury Brand?

Ultimately, luxury can be defined by how a product makes a person feel. They’ve splurged a bit to buy something they’ve always wanted, and they feel very good about the purchase. They know the item is made of the finest quality. But if something goes wrong, if there’s an unfortunate defect, they also know the brand will stand by its product and make things right.