No one ever really knows what they’ve committed to once they decide to follow their passion into business ownership. In our two decades working with client companies and getting a front row seat into what goes on behind the scenes, from start-ups to global companies, we’re often amazed at how just a few tweaks into the business operations can turn a mediocre company into an exceptional one.

The Excelsior Program is about recalibration, helping emerging and growing companies reach their highest potential. The program is neither easy, nor a quick fix. It requires commitment from you and a willingness to be fully exposed to an intensive deep dive into your business methods, your own psychology, fears, and limitations. This is where the recalibration begins.

Learn more about the original Excelsior Program.

When we first launched the Excelsior Program in 2018, the world was in a very different place.  Jetting off to meet with clients worldwide for the week-long program was much easier than it is now.  But with all adversity comes opportunity, and for us at The Lilian Raji Agency, the adversity created by the pandemic gave us an opportunity to also recalibrate, deep dive into our own methods and find a new way to help all companies, both small and large.

Thus the launch of EXCELSIOR On-Demand.  We’re taking key elements of our Excelsior Program and creating educational courses that can be accessed on-demand, 24 hours a day, providing you all of the information you need as a small business to put your communications and public relations strategy in your own hands. And we’re doing it at a price substantially below the five-figure investment the in-person, six month Excelsior Program requires. EXCELSIOR On-Demand is truly for the small business owner.

In addition to the on-demand courses, Lilian Raji will be hosting video office hours for all who register for the course, where she will be able to speak directly with you about the questions and challenges you’re encountering as you work through the lessons.  

You won’t be left alone in your journey. Our hope is that everyone who signs up for the course can utilize the lessons to take their company further than they’ve ever imagined.

EXCELSIOR On-Demand will launch in Spring 2022.  In the meantime, we invite you to register to be notified once the course goes live.

If you have any questions before then, please feel free to schedule a time to speak with us.

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