Start building your influencer list from your own followers, your competitors’ followers, and all the beautiful people who pose for pictures in your local magazines.

Dear Lilian,

How can I find a valuable micro-influencer and woo them in my small community?


Where Do I Begin?

Happy Spring, my dear readers! Forgive my long absence – I’ve been traveling the world and spent much of January channeling the girl from Ipanema. I won’t tease you with details of my extraordinary, mind-opening month in Brazil – that’s what Instagram is for! Head over to my Instagram page to see more about my travels.

Head over to Instagram anyway, because this, dear readers, is where we’ll focus for the next few columns.

The lovely Susan Posnock of Jewelers of America recently invited me to do a webinar on Harnessing the Power of Social Media Influencers. If you missed it, no worries! You can catch a replay on my website.

I highly recommend watching it, if I do say so myself.  I cover the big topics, including finding the right influencers, not falling victim to influencer fraud and keeping the FTC off your back. 

This webinar brought an avalanche of questions.  And as you know, I’m all about the questions! I promised webinar viewers I’d cover each question in detail here over the next few months. 

So, shall we begin?

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