“Influencer Fraud: Weeding Out the Fakers, Liars and the Delusional” is your step-by-step instruction manual for vetting influencer candidates and keeping your marketing dollars from contributing to the growing influencer fraud racket.

Every tactic and telltale sign is addressed in detail — from the most common practice of buying fake followers, to the more sophisticated techniques of botting, using social media pods and alleging fake sponsorships.  


First of All, Why Bother?
The Rise of Influencer Fraud
Choose Your Resources Carefully 

Identifying the Red Flags

Is Your Candidate Really Influencing Anyone?
Is Your Candidate a Ghost Whisperer?
Has Your Candidate Suddenly Become Really, Really Popular?
Is Your Candidate a Free Spirit?


Going Deeper

Are Your Candidates’ Followers People of Few Words?
Does Your Candidate Appear to Be a Rockstar to Many, Many Brands?
Is Your Candidate an International Influencer of Mystery?
Does Your Candidate Deal with Questionable People?
Is Your Candidate an Introvert?

Taking Down the Most Sophisticated Fraudsters

Is Your Candidate a Tease?
Is Your Candidate a Pod Person?
Does Your Candidate Suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder?
Does Your Candidate Think KPI Stands for “Keep Paying Influencer?”
A Different Kind of Influencer Fraud

Appendix: The Influencer Marketing Toolkit

Before You Start…
The Creative Brief Part I
The Creative Brief Part II
The Basics: What You’re Looking for at First Glance
Time to Connect – Template I
Time to Connect – Template II
Influencer Profile
Sample Influencer Contract


“Influencer Fraud: Weeding Out the Fakers, Liars and the Delusional”
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