The short answer is maybe.  We won’t know for certain until we’ve talked and explored your strategic planning challenges.

For the most part, we prefer partnering with luxury brands.  Our definition of luxury is not exclusive to price point, although we’ve worked with a fair number companies traditionally considered luxury.

We like companies that produce impeccably made products, with close attention to detail and craftsmanship, and companies where exceptional service to every single customer is the standard.  We want to know we’re telling the truth when we tell press, influencers and potential customers your products will last a lifetime; or when we tell the same group of people that their experience with your company will be so  extraordinary, they will be convinced your team mistook them for royalty.

This is the very minimum we require of the companies with which we work.  If you agree our minimum is the only way to do business, then yes, perhaps we can do what you need.

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We hired Lilian Raji when one aspect of our sponsorship of UNICEF’s Designs of Hope was falling short of projection – our raffle ticket sales. With only six weeks before deadline, Lilian executed an aggressive, strategic marketing plan that catapulted raffle ticket sales from just under $1,000 to over $12,000. Her creativity and innate understanding of marketing challenges helped us succeed in an area we’re we had almost given up hope.

Autumn Murray
InterContinental Hotels Group
Senior Community Affairs Director


We’re analytical and thorough in our evaluation of your challenges.  After you tell us everything – and we do mean everything – we’ll conduct our own in-depth research and come back to you with our recommendations  and business ideas on how we should proceed.

As our origins is credited to our founder’s prior luxury retail sales experience, we created the Influencer Consortium, an advisory team of sorts composed of luxury sales associates and retailers who speak candidly with us on what their customers share about their experiences with different brands.  This consortium is an important part of our personal research as we value these firsthand accounts of customer feedback to help devise marketing strategy.

Unless you require our assistance for very specific needs, our recommendations will encompass one or more of our core services:  media relations, brand messaging with storytelling, social media, content strategy, event management, influencer outreach, product placement or strategic partnerships.

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We’re happy to help you on a short term project, with a finite date and a core list of deliverables.  This can be a new product launch requiring Media Relations and Social Media support or for one or more Event Management projects throughout the country. It can also be for a project idea that you haven’t fully fleshed out, and would like us to develop the PR strategy.

Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll tell you what we can do.

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You can also engage us for the long term, as we serve as a virtual marketing department, creating and guiding a business strategy that encourages consumer preference for your company.  We’ve done this for small companies as well as international companies who need a U.S. presence.

We’ll design a program incorporating any or all of our core services, ensuring the mandates of your sales strategy, service and product development teams are given important consideration in our strategic planning.  As we execute the program and make adjustments as necessary, we maintain active communication with each of your teams, providing customer insight and discovery that helps them make informed decisions.

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We’re also available to you for strategic planning, development and consulting only. Under an NDA, you share your problems; we conduct our own in-depth research; we then come back to you with our discovery, recommendations, and meticulously detailed instructions on how your team can execute these problem solving strategies.  At your request, we will train your team to ensure they understand what is required. We remain on standby to answer any questions that come up along the way.

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While our services are exclusive to within the United States, our clients are not.

We have established relationships with the French Embassy Trade Commission, Quebec Government Delegation, Swiss Trade and Investment, and U.K. Trade and Investment, who turn to us when their countrymen need to understand marketing to U.S. customers.

We’ve consulted for companies based in Quebec, Brazil, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Poland, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Lebanon, Russia, China and Japan. And we’ve served as U.S. based marketing divisions for several of these companies.

We’re happy to do the same for you.

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We offer a Strategic Consulting Program to help emerging jewelry designers develop their business.  The Program integrates elements of our core service into a six month curriculum that gives emerging designers the knowledge, resources and confidence to build a successful company.

Throughout the six months of this consulting program, we work hand in hand with you, teaching you all we’ve learned in our long careers as you build your company on your own terms.  At the end of the program, you will have:

  • Your most important collateral materials for press and retailer outreach
  • Inclusion in four  of our bi-monthly email newsletter to press and stylists
  • A minimum of sixty new press, stylist and blogger contacts
  • A social media strategy to stay relevant in the eyes of both retailers and press
  • Contact information for ten retailers where your jewelry will be a good fit
  • Comprehensive instruction on how to contact retailers with confidence
  • And access to our vast network of jewelry industry insiders and influencers

Contact us to learn more, or download the Strategic Consulting Program Overview (pdf).