Lilian Raji with our client Keishi Ikeuchi, President of Ikeuchi Organic at New York City Premiere of Ikeuchi Organic 2014 Harvest

I was introduced to the fascinating world of public relations at a boutique PR agency, where after proving my worth with tasks other interns couldn’t wrap their heads around, the owner threw me into the deep end and challenged me to generate publicity for their client, Swissôtel Chicago. Always a lover of challenges, I set my sights on finding some way to have the hotel featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

When I finally reached the executive producer for the show, she told me the Oprah Winfrey Show had a longstanding relationship with the Omni Hotel, so another hotel couldn’t be featured. However, they were looking for a back-up hotel on the frequent occasions the Omni is booked. There would be no publicity, but the Swissôtel would earn substantial revenues from the bookings.

Excited by this turn of events, I ran to the PR agency owner to share my coup. The agency owner told me to drop it since the hotel would not pay them for this accomplishment.

I’ve never forgotten this experience as it set the benchmark for what my agency would never be. As an intern, I was getting paid only a stipend. It would have cost the agency nothing more to pass the opportunity on to their client. And while a sales opportunity is not publicity, I suspect the client would have been appreciative.”

– Lilian M Raji


Lilian and I worked together on one of the most successful pre-Emmy charitable gifting events in Hollywood. She managed the relationship between her client (ST Dupont) and the media, the event attendees, her clients and my staff –her work was seamless, comprehensive and cohesive. She is professional, creative and a delight to work with.

Jane Ubell
Managing Director
Madison & Mulholland


We believe in taking the road less travelled because innovation is rarely found in the tried and true.

We believe a solution can always be found once you alter your perception of the problem.

We believe receiving a rejection is just the first step.

We believe success cannot be achieved without hard work. PERIOD.

We believe in not wasting money.

We believe the cheapest is not always the best; yet the finest, regardless of high or low cost, will always prove its worth.

We believe if you’re quiet and listen, people will tell you everything you need to know about them.  And subsequently, how you can help them.

We believe when clients put their faith in us to help them resolve a problem, we are obligated to not let them down.

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The fundamental difference you should know about our agency is that not everything we do is for money. We sometimes do things simply for the glory.

Now this doesn’t mean we work for free.

We command a fair and reasonable fee for our services. We’ve been told we’re too expensive and we’ve been told we’re not charging enough. In both cases, we charge what we believe is a fair rate for the work that we’re going to put in for you and what you will achieve in return. And as many clients will attest, we always go above and beyond what you’re expecting when you engage us.

And by the way, if a member of Oprah Winfrey’s team contacts us because they’d like to give you a spectacular sale, we’ll follow through on this for you, even if it’s not in our agreement, and even if you’re not going to pay us extra for it.

Because it’s just the right thing to do. It’s the right way to do business.

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Our agency originated from Lilian Raji’s two year tenure becoming the second highest selling salesperson at the Atlanta store of Tourneau, the largest luxury timepiece retailer in the world. She did so by taking time to understand what her customers wanted while also paying careful attention to what the most in-demand companies were doing to make customers ask for them by name. Her discoveries while at Tourneau became foundation for the services we offer.

Because of our origins serving behind a counter of the largest luxury watch retailer in the world, we’re more likely than most to keep our eyes on how your investment in us is being returned at your sales counters.

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Our culture is steeped in a passion for creativity and problem solving. We’re motivated by a relentless drive to accomplish great fêtes and an unyielding belief that fortune favors the bold.

Our greatest strength comes from partnering with our clients, finding inspiration in their vision while infusing our own passion to create results that far exceeds what we’ve done before.

We only work with clients we can be passionate about, for our ability to guarantee satisfaction is dependent on our belief in that client’s mission.

We must believe in you before we will ask you to put your faith in us. We don’t take such faith lightly, and as such, we refuse to let you down.

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The Lilian Raji Agency operates throughout North America, serving domestic and international clients from our Atlanta headquarters and New York City satellite staff.

Lilian Raji travels between New York and Atlanta regularly to meet with clients and press representatives, while building new relationships to benefit both clients and the agency. While there is always a team working on your behalf, clients communicate directly with Ms. Raji at all times. She won’t have it any other way.

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